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Well Solutions LLC is the Permian Basin’s premier Hot Oil Service Company. At Well Solutions LLC we continue to grow and change right along with the energy industry. All our Operators have at least ten years of experience which allows us to provide our customers consistent and reliable services.

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Hot oil units are an essential part of oil and gas production. Oil flow blockage in production equipment costs developers time and money. Heavy paraffin exists in all crude oil products in various forms. These organics can form into solids and create blockage in flow-lines and tubing. This reduces production volume and creates costly delays. A hot oil unit is designed to clear these blockages by circulating heated fluid into piping, tubing, casing or tanks. High-pressure units remove paraffin from well tubing and pipelines. Our experienced team also uses hot oil treatments to heat oil, water or frac fluids and for circulating, cleaning oil and gas processing equipment, hydro testing, well testing, and cleaning tubing at pulling units. Customers need an experienced partner when conducting a hot oil job. During a hot oil job there is a large amount of oil used in the process which goes into the formation possibly causing damage to the formation and interrupt the flow of oil. Our employees have the experience and skill to avoid these problems. As always, our equipment and service meet the highest health and safety standards. If we aren’t simplifying your life, we aren’t doing our job.

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Well Solutions LLC was started in October 2019 by Clint Brunson of Midland, Texas. Clint has 17 years of experience operating and managing hot oiling operations in the Permian Basin. By developing a long history with Operators and Foremen who rely on quality services, Well Solutions LLC has grown to become the premier Hot Oiling service out of Midland, with hopes to grow into other areas. We have created a business that constantly strives for service that is above and beyond our competitors. By not only surviving the recent events of the pandemic, but thriving and growing, Well Solutions LLC has proven that SERVICE, through honesty, integrity, and faith still matters.

Clint Brunson
Senior Operations Manager

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